Kidnap Mistress Sessions

Kidnapped and forced to be a sissy

Greetings, sluts,

I am thinking about gracing ‘Bitches Unleashed’ with my presence this Saturday.

Still not sure if I can make it.

I have a very busy day of sessioning on Sunday and I like to have my wits about me.

When I do socialise, it’s not really my style to go out for an hour or two, drinking orange juice.

I am a Manchester Nanny who imbibes..

I’m a Manchester AB/DL Nanny who likes to have fun..

And I’m a Mummy likes t0 misbehave.

Lest you hadn’t noticed, I don’t do things by halves.

Anyway, if I do make the unwise decision to partake in fetish social activities this Saturday, I have an outfit lined up…

A dress so short, you’ll feel like you’re committing a crime just looking at me.

I thank you.

Manchester Mistress Nyx

07946 075501

One of the best Manchester Mistresses.
A Manchester dominatrix in a league of her own.

One of the finest adult baby nannies Manchester has to offer. If you’re looking for an adult baby mummy or dominatrix, look no further.

Greetings, lost causes,

Very quick blog..

So tired. .

Hard work keeping prisoners long term.

They are dependent on me.

It’s like having another pet.

I even feed them the same food as my cats.

Or if I’m in a good mood, and my milk of human kindness is free flowing..

Adult baby captive gets dog food…

A bit of variety to keep him stimulated..

Good for babies development you know.

I thank you.

Manchester Mistress Nyx


07946 075501

One of the best Manchester Mistresses.
A Manchester dominatrix in a league of her own

Greetings, tikes,

By the way pic showing Psycho Nanny kidnap.

Unsuspecting male was captured

forcefully regressed and sissified..

And kept captive in the cellar.

For ever!


Manchester Nanny Eva will be uploading more blogs from now on.

My laptop died two moths ago.

I’ve spent a long time considering which PC and software to purchase, bearing in mind my new venture..

Filming and editing.

I love creating,I love role-play and I performing.

Haven’t I always been a bit of a drama queen?

I thank you.

Manchester Nanny Eva


07946 075501


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