Sissy Maid Training with Manchester Mistress Nanny Eva

This might involve.a full sissy make-over..false eye lashes, wig, dressed like a sissy, taught how to walk, strut and mince like a sissy.
Posture and demeanour are paramount.
You will stand like a girl..
Sit like a girl..
Talk like a girl..
Go to the toilet like a girl.

I used to hand-make rag dolls..
Now I make real-life dollys.

You might be a frilly sissy;
Rubber dolly
fetish slut,
sissy slut,
Satin slut.
Cuckolded slut in chastity
Or a vanilla fem.

I often like to show off my dolly creations in public..
I might want to humiliate you by forcing you to buy glycerine suppositories, adult nappies, condoms, lube and cucumbers.
I might force you to try on womens’ bras or skirts in the female changing room.
I have even been out to dinner with a fully transformed sissy…
Who was also wearing a nappy..
Force fed black coffee and water an hour before venturing out to dinner.
Babies don’t use toilets.
That’s what the diaper is for.

Your housebound duties might include general household chores; dusting, polishing, vacuuming, cleaning and tidying. Expect to have your work inspected, You will be corrected and punished accordingly, as well as duly rewarded.

Massaging Mistresses feet or the rest of her body.

You may require slut training and anal training so you are equipped to service my male clients.

I have even gone to the Gay Village in Manchester on a Saturday night with a sissy..
Just for my devious pleasure, and as part of her slut training.

You could be my bitch

Or you could be my little loyal pet, serving your superior. Matriarch.

Creamed before you are dismissed.