Adult Baby Play with Manchester Mistress Nanny Eva – AB/DL

This refers to adult babies and diaper lovers.

Diaper lovers, in general purely have a nappy / diaper fetish and enjoy wearing nappies. They may not necessarily want regressive age play. They may just like the look and feel of them. They might want to see Nanny padded. It might be a sexual pleasure. It might just be stress relief. Everyone is different.

Adult baby play refers to regression/ age play or infantilism, either forced or yielded to willingly.
The child-like age could be anything from baby to toddler to older child. Depends on your fetish or preferences

Nurturing Regression
Nanny has a naturally nurturing and very caring side. Sadly I don’t have children of my own.
For those of you in need of pure nurturing motherly regression..
Mummy’s here!

I will help you enter your ‘Little Space’ in the nursery or playpen. You can snuggle up to mummy while we watch cartoons on the television..
Plenty of cuddles..
Plenty of love..
Nourished, fed..
Nappy changed.
My little one’s comfort and well-being take priority

But every mother needs to discipline their child if they are naughty.

Naughty bottoms must be spanked if my little ones step out of line.
Some of you like to test Mummy’s boundaries, don’t you?

Many, if not most of you, are asexual little AB’s

Whether you want to be a little boy, little girl or sissy, it doesn’t matter. Mummy loves and accepts you.

Forced/humiliating regression
Some of you are forced to be adult baby boys or adult baby sissies. You are humiliated and shamed for it.
You might be forced to be a sissy or adult baby because you are an inadequate impotent male. You may have a girly skinny body that warrants humiliating adult baby sissification. I could be jealous girlfriend blackmailing you…
You could be forced to wet or poo your nappy then verbally and cruelly humiliated for wetting yourself. The possible scenarios are endless.

I have even given a sissy baby a 2 litre enema before they were placed in nappies and left to stew in their own filth.

This sort of humiliating regression is often a sexual fetish ie you are turned on by it.
I’m turned on by doing it to you!

You might not fit strictly into any of these categories. That’s absolutely fine. This is why I conduct a very thorough consultation prior to your session. Some of you are a mix and match of many things. We just need to work out what you are.