Adult Baby Play with Manchester Mistress Nanny Eva – About Me


Nanny Eva is a naturally dominant lifestyle fetishist with many years experience both in her private life and professionally. She embraces the erotically bizarre. Her reputation as a role-play artisan and adept infantaliser and sissifier precedes Her.

She will reduce you to an infantile state.. a sissy.. a school boy.. an adult baby.

Forced into attire befitting your reassigned status..
Be-nappied, belittled and gagged with a dummy,
she restrains you ,
Parades you
Trains you to her whim

Cruel humiliatrix she will taunt and tease.
Sissified and prettified she mocks and punishes
Debases and derides.

A mere dolly to be played with;
Her muse;
Her entertainment;
Her right.

Reformer of unruly behaviour she will punish your transgressions.
Yanked over her knee as she spanks your bare bottom

Temptress and tantalizer she will arouse you, confound you, and torment you to the point of cathartic release, only to be shamed for wetting your lily white nappy; your pink frilly panties

Or, nurturing Guardian, perhaps.
In your infantile helplessness she will tend to your every child-like need
Cosseted, cooed over and swaddled in love.
Caressed and played with.
Nourished and cherished.

Rocked to sleep with a lullaby.

Soothed as you nestle in the bosom of mother bounteous.



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