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Nanny Eva enjoys infantilisation, sissification and domination.

The contents of this website are of an adult nature and include bondage, punishment, correction and domination by Nanny Eva.

Nanny Eva invites adult babies, sissies, cross-dressers, and diaper lovers to visit her

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Being one of the best Mistresses and adult baby Nanny in Manchester, Nanny or adult baby mummy Eva is adept at role-play, or as she like to call it; psychodrama. Just one of her personas is Psycho-Bitch who likes to take psychological domination to the extreme. Heavy psychological interrogation sessions, extreme medical play sessions, outdoor kidnap scenarios, extreme public humiliation. This Manchester adult baby nanny and Mistress can be psycho-girlfriend with daddy issues, escaped femme fatale psychiatric patient. As far as very real scenarios go, the sky is the limit with this Manchester Mistress. S.he kidnaps men so she can sissify them with sweet satin sissification, force them to where adult nappy and diapers. Force you to be an adult baby. Humiliate you mercilessly. Small penis humiliation

MANCHESTER adult baby nursery

Nanny Eva has plans to set up her own adult baby nursery, school room,  Manchester Dungeon and playrooms in Manchester. Age play , regression, infantalisation and BDSM is such an enjoyable, special intimate experience between herself and each client. Manchester Nanny Eva doesn’t want to risk her clients bumping into other Manchester Mistresses clients. This is why this Manchester Mistress Nanny Eva wants her own private chambers in the Manchester area. The current chambers has sissy and tranny boudoir for feminization, as well as adult baby nursery (for her adult babies, sissies and diaper lovers). There is also a fabulous medical / rubber room for that medical rubber gummi experience. There is also a large domestic area / headmistress study as well as 2 large fully equipped manchester dungeon rooms. They are easily the best equipped dungeon rooms in Manchester, so far.


Ever the professional Manchester adult babies  abdl diaper lover Nanny and Dominatrix and lifestyle lover of all things sissifying BDSM and fetish, she thoroughly enjoys, forcing men to cross dress. She loves trannies, sissies, crossdressers, X-dressers, t-girls, bondage, rope bondage, erotic and sensual domination, rubber play, rubber bondage, medical play (catheters, injections, scrotal infusions, cutting, suturing, anal play, strap on etc..), foot fetish, shoe fetish, body worship, smothering, tease and denial, ruined orgasms, extreme humiliation, public humiliation, small penis humiliation, cuckolding humiliation, small penis humiliation, pain, pleasure, corporal punishment, impact play, strict scenarios, sensual scenarios, feminization, sissification, adult babies, manchester nylon fetish, Manchester cloth fetish. This Manchester adult baby nanny and Mistress covers absolutely everything and to a very high standard. There really is no better adult baby nanny or Manchester Mistress for you.


If you are seeking world class, high end age play, regression, abdl, diaper lover, forced regression, forced feminization, sissification, sissy maid training, slut training, strap on play, pegging, public humiliation Dominatrix session in Manchester then you need to see Nanny Eva aka adult baby Mummy aka Mistress Nyx. She loves all things kinky and fetish. A fan of wearing, rubber, latex, high heels, thigh high boots, lingerie, corsets. This Manchester Mistress certainly looks the part.
Just imagine running your tongue against the sensuous feel of skin tight latex. Or kissing up and down the length of her fully-fashioned seamed stockings. Almost every slave who walks into her Manchester adult baby  Nursery and Dungeon at once falls to their knees to worship her stiletto heels. Her FemDom power and beauty is undeniable and addictive.
Manchester Nanny Eva is a highly perceptive adult baby fetish, abdl, diaper lover specialist and Dominatrix in Manchester
An adult baby, abdl, diaper lover, sissy maid Manchester Mistress must possess both the expert skills and high values needed to help inspire their adult baby boys, adult baby sissies, sissy babies, adult baby girls, sissy maids and  slaves on their regression, diaper lover, age play or submissive journey. Most importantly, Manchester Nanny Eva aka  Mistress Nyx does all this and much more. As ever FemDom in Manchester should, Manchester abdl adult baby nanny aka Mistress Nyx boasts both a wealth of experience and adult baby / sissification  paraphernalia and BDSM kit.
A skilled adult baby Nanny and Manchester Dominatrix should always take care to look fabulous for her littles and adult babies and submissives. Nanny Eva aka Mistress Nyx is the epitome of the femme fatale. Glamorous, classy and Dominant. Nanny Eva can also be very loving, nurturing and motherly. She often breastfeed her littles and adult babies. littles and abdl diaper lovers love breastfeeding and suckling from the breast of Nanny Eva. She has a wardrobe full of latex, rubber, leather, lingerie and high heels certain to make any adult baby boy or adult baby sissy, or slave drool. A true Fem Domme, Nanny Eva / Manchester Mistress Nyx looks to indulge her adult babies, sissies, sissy maids, and slaves during their trips to Manchester to serve her, be cared and nurtured by her, or to endure humiliation eg small penis humiliation or public humiliation. Above all else, she wants every abdl, adult baby littles and diaper lovers and submissive to adore their sessions with her at her Manchester adult baby nursery, schoolroom, tranny boudoir, and her Mistress chambers..
A unique experience with a sensual and nurturing adult baby nanny in Manchester
When you book a Manchester adult babysitting, sissification, age play, sissy maid training, abdl, diaper lover, littles, little space, forced  regression or BDSM session with Manchester Nanny Eva, you can expect an experience like no other Manchester Nanny or  Domme can offer. She is unique in her style of care, nurture, humiliation and Domination. As such, she always aims to inject her Professional adult babysitting servicers and Dominatrix sessions with erotic kink, intimacy and fun. You will experience a heady mix of nurture or humiliation pain, pleasure, denial and adult baby slave training. Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Nyx loves to train her adult babies, sissies,  sissy maids and slaves up to be the bes tadult baby, sissy, or sissy maid submissive they can possibly be. There is a reason she is one of the most popular adult baby fetish Manchester mistresses.
A world-renowned adult baby nanny and Dominatrix, Manchester nanny or mummy eva aka Mistress Nyx welcomes sissies, adult babies, sissy maids and slaves from all over the world. Many of her slaves travel from far away just to enjoy an hour of sissification, foot worship or adult baby play, feminization, foot fetish, medical play or bondage at her Manchester Playspace. These lucky adult baby and sissy cannot express their thanks enough for this adult baby fetish Manchester mistress. They just love to worship her divine, delicate skin and kiss her stiletto heels and breastfeed.
Travel to Manchester to serve or be cared for  by this stunning Professional adult baby nanny and Dominatrix in real time. Nanny Eva aka Mistress Nyx is a leading Manchester Mistress of Mistresses. Her adult babies, sissies, sissy maids and   slaves come from all backgrounds and all corners of the world. None of them fail to fall at her feet in devotion the moment they see her. She is your dream Manchester Nanny Dominatrix, a master in age play, regression, forced regression, sissification, forced feminization, humiliation, spanking, caning, cp, discipline, domestic discipline, diaper discipline, control and Power Exchange. Do you crave to be turned into a sissy adult baby submissive or a collared slave? Rest assured, under the exacting tutelage of the best adult baby nanny and Dominatrix in Manchester you will never look back. Nanny Eva is ready to strip you of your clothes, adulthood, malehood and power.
ManchesterNanny Eva is by far one of the most stunning adult baby mummys and Mistresses you will ever gaze upon. As a Serious adult baby nanny and Mistress, she takes great delight in breaking in even the most fearful of first time adult babies submissives. However, she also loves putting her own kinky twist on the well-honed fantasies of BDSM devotees. As a reputable manchester Mistress she always plays with a safeword which you will be informed of at the start of your BDSM domination session. As an experienced Manchester FemDom you can rest assured that your,

Adult baby nanny, Mistress Nyx aims to be one of the best equipped manchester mistresses and has already begun re-stocking her tranny and sissy wardrobe as well as BDSM equipment for her Manchester adult baby nursery, school room, Manchester tranny boudoir, dungeon premises which she hopes to open in a few weeks. This manchester adult baby, abdl, diaper lover nanny  is a true lifestyle fetishist and gleans much pleasure from buying adult baby nursery furniture, cp and spanking implements, suspension and bondage equipment, fucking machines and other toys.
She truly is a manchester dominatrix like no other.
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NannyEva aka Manchester Mistress Nyx is one of the few Manchester Mistresses to specialise in the adult baby fetish. A Manchester Mistress who lives infantalisation, sissification and forced feminization.

Nanny Eva is also one of the only Manchester Mistresses to offer truly specialist medical play. This Manchester Nanny dominatrix covers suturing, catheterisation, scrotal infusions, enemas and much more. A truly kinky manchester abdl adult baby nanny  who loves nothing more than to control your bodily functions.As far as manchester mistresses go she is one of the best.

This manchester adult baby, abdl nanny also loves role-play ( helping you enter your little space ) as well as BDSM. One of the few Manchester Mistresses to specialise in very real realistic role-play and kidnap scenarios.
Mistress Nyx is happy to team up with other Manchester Mistresses for your kidnap scenario of a life time.

Slave reviews:
“Of all the manchester mistresses, I still find Mistress Nyx to not only be one of the most beautiful Manchester Mistresses, but the most skilled. The chemistry in her sessions are just electric. Manchester Mistress Nyx had me eating out of the palm of her hand… This manchester dominatrix is so skillful at bondage. She had me in rope bondage, leather bondage, suspension bondage. Spending 24 hours with this Manchester mistress was the best day of my life. Next time I am in Manchester I will most certainly visit mistress Nyx. She is a fabulous Manchester dominatrix.

This Manchester dominatrix has it all.. the looks, the skill, the aura. She truly is the best in the north west.

This Manchester mistress loves heavy rubber and breath play, trannies and feminization, as well as her manchester sissies. Love my sessions with her. So glad she’s returned. One of the best Manchester Mistresses

I have seen many Manchester Mistresses and I have to say that Mistress Nyx is my absolute number one. In my mind no other Manchester MIstresses come close.

I have been a regular adult baby of Manchester nanny eva for many years. She is so kind, nurturing and gentle, but can be so delightfully cruel and humiliating. I thought she was a professional actress, her role-play was just so real. She really took me to another works”

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