Adult Baby Play with Manchester Mistress Nanny Eva – Consultation


Prior to a session, I conduct an in-depth consultation. It may take about half an hour. It takes as long as it takes, but does not count towards your session time. I use this time to fully understand your interests. The tone and style of the session is pitched in accordance with your preferences. Everyone is completely different. No two sessions are the same. Not everyone wants to be put in a nappy. Not everyone wants to be sissified. Some want strict. Some want sensual. Some want a combination of many things

Some like the classic nurturing adult baby boy scenario who just wants to be treated as a normal baby would. Others are naughty school boys or girls requiring strict discipline. Some of you may be inadequate cuckolded husbands sent by your wife. Some of you may fall into the category of born sissy maid.. sissy baby. You may be an individual who merely has a nappy / diaper fetish. I might be your girlfriend who blackmails you. I could be Auntie, Nanny, Teacher, boss, police officer. The list of possible scenarios is innumerable, and limited only by your imagination .

I cover every aspect of the adult baby / sissy fetish which may includes the following:

  • Sissification / forced feminisation
  • T-girl transformation
  • Infantalisation
  • Classic nurturing / mothering adult baby scenario
  • Slut training
  • Anal / strap-on training
  • Water sports
  • Toilet training
  • Psycho-drama
  • Schoolroom scenarios
  • Over the knee spanking
  • Corporal punishment
  • Judicial caning
  • Nappy / diaper fetish
  • Rubber panties fetish
  • Plastic panties fetish
  • Satin fetish. Satin panties fetish
  • Lace fetish /cloth fetish
  • Chastity / cuckolding scenarios
  • Humiliation
  • Public humiliation
  • Shopping trips
  • Tiny penis humiliation
  • Maid training.
  • Slut training
  • Domestic servitude
  • Restrained cot bondage
  • Rope, chain, leather bondage
  • Plastic fetish
  • Nylon fetish
  • Rubber fetish
  • Medical Play
  • Cock and Ball play / torture
  • Anal play
  • Strap-on

All aspects of domination and BDSM See If you have an area of interest that has not been listed, you may still enquire. These lists are not exhaustive