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Greetings, animals, Are you thirsty?.. You may drink my urine. Are you hungry? You may eat my scraps. Are you horny? You must wear a chastity cage. Are you disobedient? I will hurt you. Do you like your freedom? I will confine you. Are you free-spirited?.. I will break you. Welcome to a dog’s life… […]

¬† Greetings, brats, The nights are rapidly drawing in. I am delighted to be exposed to less and less daylight. So too am I also relishing¬† the approach of Halloween.. The one day of the year where I am not vilified for trying to frighten small children. Keep an eye on my twitter. I post […]

Please note that I now have a separate twitter account for Nanny Eva If you log onto twitter and type NannyEva1 into the search box, you’ll find me. Don’t unfollow me on my Nyx twitter account, or you will miss out on the delights I will continue to upload there. Just follow my Nanny Eva […]

SISSY MAID TRAINING Greetings, little ones, and sissy faggots, Pictured is the newly ordered humiliator gag. As my fully trained sissy maid, you are merely an object to be used And abused.. Corrected and punished. Pictured gag should arrive by next week… Along with many other humiliating attachments. I thank you. Manchester Nanny Eva 07946 […]

Welcome to my site, where infantilisation, emasculation and sissification are the order of the day, with doses of very traditional discipline when Nanny deems necessary. Manchester Nanny EvaIf you are an adult baby girl, adult baby boy, adult schoolboy or girl, sissy or diaper lover.. and you are looking for a Nanny/ Auntie/ Governess/ Headmistress/ […]