Welcome to my site, where infantilisation, emasculation and sissification are the order of the day, with doses of very traditional discipline when Nanny deems necessary.

Manchester Nanny EvaIf you are an adult baby girl, adult baby boy, adult schoolboy or girl, sissy or diaper lover.. and you are looking for a Nanny/ Auntie/ Governess/ Headmistress/ Maternal figure. Your search is over…

Mummy’s here!

The following is an example of what you might expect if you are fortunate enough to be granted a place at my nursery:-

All traces of male adulthood will be swiftly removed

You will be forced into infantile regression, sissified, ridiculed and and humiliated for nanny’s amusement

You will be teased and aroused… taunted and punished.

You will be rendered helpless and entirely dependent on Nanny who will devotedly, or reluctantly, attend to all your childish needs

Nanny will bathe you, inspect your botty and your ‘pee pee’ before placing you in the warm soft comfort of a nappy, only to be drenched, soiled.. and creamed.

I will force feed you, breastfeed you. You will be cooed over, caressed, gagged with a dummy and rocked to sleep with motherly love in the secure restraints of your cot.

Nanny may even sing you a lullaby.

For when it’s time to play, Nanny has many a delightful toy… rattles and dollys, dildos and gadgets – all to amuse you, stimulate you, or to wickedly tease you.

Incur nanny’s wrath and you may find yourself being spanked over my knee or chastised in the schoolroom.

Precocious adult juveniles who behave like sluts will be dressed as such, used, abused and treated like one