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A short review by My first adult baby who I affectionately call 'baby Jems'

I have seen many many Mistresses who claim to specialise in adult babies but I was always left feeling disappointed and never returned.. up until I met Nanny Eva, that is.. I can't believe I've found this gem of a Mistress. Nanny Eva is an absolute natural. She has a superior and stern, but maternal nurturing presence. Her voice was something else; it was deep and commanding, yet at the same time seductive. She is obviously exceedingly intelligent and highly articulate. Even though she put me at ease and I immediately felt safe, I could not help but feel inferior and child-like in her presence.

She listened attentively and seemed to understand exactly what I wanted. I didn't feel at all stupid or perverted telling Nanny what it was I was looking for. Somehow I just seemed to open up. Consequently, the scenario was executed with absolute perfection. The choice of sissy outfits and baby attire was simply magnificent. So many outfits to choose from. I felt a very special baby. The role play was just so real that I actually, truly mentally regressed. I don't know what it is, but Nanny Eva has the x factor when it comes to tending her adult babies and sissies. I couldn't believe I was her first ever adult baby. She just hits the spot and I am so grateful to her. Not only is she a sexy Mummy but she is absolutely brilliant at what she does. She has a very deep perceptive and instinctive understanding of the adult baby fetish with it's very many diverse facets. Nanny Eva obviously enjoys, and is passionate about what she does. This certainly comes across in her sessions. Someone has finally, and expertly satisfied my needs- a need which I thought could never be met. Thank you so much, Mummy, for that experience of a lifetime. I look forward to many more experiences to come.

All my love, Baby Jemima.


Sissy baby Poppy's review

Dear Mummy

I just thought that I would drop you an email to say how much I enjoyed our session. I have been visiting AB Mistresses for over 10 years and it was genuinely one of the best AB sessions that I have had as it combined all things for me .. the cuckolding aspect, humiliation, nurturing, pleasure, pain and all by a beautiful young, articulate strong woman. It doesn't get much better than that! My God! You are such a natural. How I wish I had found you sooner.

Hope to see you soon if you allow it. If you ever need a baby actor for your videos let me know.

Again, thank you so much. I will definitely be visiting you again, if you allow it of course.

Best Regards

Sissy Baby Poppy.